Grunge Rock


Kubikajirii are monsters masked in human form who 
feed upon the heads of the dead. Lurking around 
graveyards and looking for freshly buried corpses.


When they find one, they dig it up and begin feeding,
while leaving blood and gore all over in a trail to lead
you back to their roadmap.


Kubikajirii is a brand that is built for the metaverse. Starting with a collection of avatars that will double as your membership pass in The Graveyard. From now and the opening of The Graveyard, we'll be building a genuine & authentic community together.  Kubikajirii holders gain exclusive access to drops, experiences,
announcements, and much more...


Watch your heads. 

We hunt together. We feast together. We grow together.

The top 400 Grim Reapers of the Realm will receive additional rewards and benefits.

Kubikajirii is a self funded team of individuals who are trying to succeed in making an impact on Web3 culture. 
Nothing less than great, Kubikajirii will pave its own path.


We take pride in where we come from, our community comes first. Everything will start and end with YOU. If ever deterred from our community it will be the end of Kubikajirii and we can assure you that will not happen.