Grunge Rock


Build our community.

- MINT the collection on the Ethereum Blockchain.
- Our first 2000 grim reapers (minters) will be entered into our Mega Raffle! There will be 6 prize giveaways.. prizes will be announced as the project gets closer to mint!


Untitled_Artwork 33_edited.png


Dropping the highest quality fine art collectibles, NFT’s, and other items to holders.

We will announce further details about the KUBI airdrops after the reveal. 

Beginning Q1.

Exclusive IRL and Metaverse events. We are in the final stages of organizing these events, working with an event planning team
to bring you amazing experiences. Exact details will be announced in the KUBIKAJIRII Discord, Twitter and Instagram. 

Beginning Q2.

We are working with some of the biggest Web3 artist and luxury fashion brands to continue developing KUBIKAJIRII and KUBI Graveyard. Whitelists are always welcome. We are working with dozens of projects so that our community can have whitelists for the next collections and other collaborating projects.

Beginning Q3.

Community wallet activated. Bringing the community together is one of our most important values. As a result, we are buying
land in the Metaverse to start creating KUBI Graveyard. We have a lot of events planned for our land, but we also value your opinion. Let us know what you have in mind in Discord. That's not all, we wanted to bring the highest quality not limited by existing platforms, so we are creating a custom metaverse using an advanced game engine exclusive for KUBIKAJIRII members to hang out and hunt together.

Beginning Q4.

KUBI$ has an incredible amount of utilities; customizing your KUBI$, KUBI store,

and BREEDING. Simply owning a KUBI$ for years to come (staking).

Beginning Q4.

KUBIKAJIRIIs evolve, reaching uncharted territory, KUBI breed.
Using your KUBI$ token the evolution will begin. 

Beginning Q4.

 The KUBI GRAVEYARD Game begins: 
That's not all, holders will have early access to exclusive content, extended cuts, and behind-the-scenes productions.
Long term holders will have the opportunity for their KUBIKAJIRII to be represented as skins in our KUBI Graveyard Game and earn the rewards as the owner for every time the skin is purchased. 

Beginning Q5.